Make This At Home, Healing Oil Against Rheumatism

You may want to try this natural cure for rheumatism which accelerates the blood circulation, relieving the symptoms of the disease. The cure is made of red hot peppers and is very effective in treating myositis, neuralgia, joint pain, rheumatism and radiculitis. The peppers are able to expand capillaries, increasing blood circulation into the surface parts of the skin and strengthen the metabolism. They also affect the activation of the regenerative process in the skin.


  • 10 fresh red hot peppers;
  • 2 cups of olive oil.

How to prepare it: wash the peppers and then cut the stalks. Grind them in a blender and then pour them into a glass, adding the oil. Let it stay on a dark place and after 1 week, strain the mixture through a gauze. Wipe the oil properly in the skin couple of times a day on places where you feel pain. If you feel pain in your feet, then after wiping them with the oil, wear some socks or tights. Then, warm the spots. After applying it, you will feel warming on the skin which will be quite enjoyable and will not cause any burns. Keep it in a dark place.